What is Spinel? - Everything You need to Know

What is Spinel? - Everything You need to Know

Spinel has a hardness of 8 on the Mohs hardness scale, diamond has a hardness of 10, and ruby and sapphire have a hardness of 9. A specific gravity of 3.6 and a refractive index of 1.718. It is transparent to opaque and has a vitreous lustre.

Spinel is a gemstone in various colours, including red, pink, orange, brown, green, grey, and purple.

It is found in metamorphic rocks typically in ultramafic rocks such as peridotite and pyroxenite. It can also be found in alluvial deposits and sometimes sedimentary rocks such as limestone.

Spinel was first discovered in ancient times and has been mentioned in various texts throughout history. The name "spinel" is derived from the Latin word "spina,” meaning "thorn.” The most famous spinel is the "Black Prince's Ruby,” red spinel set in the British Imperial State Crown.

The Different Types of Spinel Gemstones:

Natural spinel, synthetic spinel, simulant spinel, and composite spinel are the four primary varieties of this gemstone. Natural spinels are the most expensive type since they are so challenging to locate. Spinels made artificially in a laboratory are chemically identical to those that occur naturally on the earth.

The term "simulants" refers to materials that resemble the appearance of spinel but have fundamentally distinct chemical make-ups. "Composite spinel" refers to the spinel produced by combining natural and manufactured spinel.

1. Natural Spinel

Natural spinel is unearthed in metamorphic rocks, such as marble or gneiss, where they have been transformed. The natural kind of spinel is the most sought-after and expensive form because they are rare.

Spinels in nature indicate that something is occurring at a deep level. Natural processes form them and can take millions to billions of years to develop!

2. Synthetic Spinel (Manufactured in a Lab)

Synthetic spinels are manufactured in laboratories. These stones are frequently manufactured in hues that do not occur naturally. Synthetic spinels are far more readily available than natural spinels, the former fetch a lower price.

3. Simulants Spinel

The term "simulants" refers to materials that resemble the appearance of spinel but have distinct chemical make-ups. The most popular simulant is cubic zirconia (CZ), manufactured using zirconium oxide. CZ has a price far lower than that of spinel while having a comparable appearance. Synthetic moissanite and synthetic rutile are also examples of additional stimulants.

4. Composite Spinel

"Composite spinel" refers to the spinel produced by combining natural and manufactured spinel. In general, the grade of these gemstones is lesser than that of natural or manufactured spinels that are pure. The value of composite spinel is significantly lower than that of natural or synthetic spinel.


How to Care Spinel gemstones?

If you take the necessary precautions, the spinel gemstones you own will last a lifetime. The following are some suggestions that might help you retain the beauty of your stones:

  • You should keep your spinel gemstones in a jewellery box, or a bag made of a gentle fabric.
  • Avoid touching any harsh compounds, like chemicals and perfume.
  • Spinel gemstones should be cleaned using warm water and a gentle soap solution. Avoid using ultrasonic cleaners and steamers as much as possible.

If you take good care of your spinel gemstones, they will retain their lustre for the rest of your life. Have fun donning your jewellery and displaying your beautiful stones!

Spinel is An Affordable Alternative to Diamonds and other Precious Gems:

If you want to build an eye-catching and one-of-a-kind piece of jewellery for your customer or company but don't want to spend a fortune, spinel can be the ideal gemstone to purchase.  

Spinel is typically less expensive than diamonds and other valuable stones because it is not as well-known as those jewels. Consider spinel if you want something truly unique but want to spend something different than an arm and a leg on it.

Birthstone and Star Sign of Spinel

As the August birthstone, spinel is also related to four other signs: Sagittarius, Aries, Taurus, and Scorpio. This demonstrates the depth and breadth of spinel's significance and utility.

Red spinel is a popular birthstone for those born in the sign of Aries. Red is a passionate hue that symbolizes undying love and a fervent will to live. That's apt for a fiery Arian, known for their determination and zeal. Moreover, it's a good match for Sagittarius's independent spirit and willingness to try new things.

In contrast, a Taurus is shrewd, industrious, and hard-working. This character might benefit from the vitality and revitalization offered by any spinel. Scorpios exude intrigue, passion, and originality. This is commensurate with the sense of fulfilment, optimism, and belonging that spinel may bring into one's life.

What Type of Gemstones Comes from Myanmar?

Myanmar produces a wide range of high-quality gems and precious stones. Pigeon blood ruby, royal blue sapphire and Imperial jade are the country's most famous jewels.

Only a tiny percentage of people know that Myanmar is home to a wide variety of colour gemstones and spinel of exceptional grade.

The vast majority of individuals are unfamiliar with spinel. We believe that spinel should be in the limelight, so we specialise in spinel. Spinel is classified as a type 2 gem, and type 2 gemstones almost often contain inclusions. If there are no inclusions visible to the naked eye, the price will be significantly greater than if there are obvious inclusions.

Why Choose Natural Spinel Gem for your Jewellery?

What's not to love about a timeless look that never goes out of style? With the variety in colours, shapes, and sizes available for these modern gems - you'll have no trouble finding one perfect just for your needs. Plus, they're durable and affordable.

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Where to Buy Natural Spinel?

If you are in the business of selling fine jewellery or natural gemstones and looking for a supplier. It is imperative that you do your homework to ensure that the spinel you purchase is of a good grade and natural. When evaluating the quality of spinel, a few characteristics should be considered.

If you want a high-quality stone, look for bright and saturated colours with no visible inclusions to the naked eye. Also, ensure that the spinel has good transparency and comes from a reputable supplier who can provide more information on its origin or background if needed!

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Why Trust Us?

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